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Nikki DeBuse - Regional Publisher

Phone: 971-762-1168

Nikki DeBuse is publisher of Pamplin Media newspapers in Washington and Columbia counties.

"Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to serve. I am grateful all of the readers who invite us into their homes and lives every day, and for the business partners who support us in our mission to provide credible, professional journalism to our communities. We build strong communities, and that is the best job in the world."

Mark Miller - Editor-in-Chief

Phone: 971-762-1170

Mark Miller is editor of Pamplin Media newspapers in Washington and Columbia counties.

"I was born in Hillsboro, grew up in Cedar Mill and live in Beaverton. To me, Washington County is home. That's why I am passionate about serving and informing the residents of Portland's Westside. There are rich and meaningful stories to tell in communities like Forest Grove, Tualatin, Sherwood, Banks and Garden Home. Things happen here every day that make a real difference in people's lives. As editor-in-chief, it's my mission to ensure residents of Washington County have access to fair-minded, carefully reported news you can trust — because as a longtime resident myself, I know firsthand just how important that is."

Scott Keith - Reporter based in Columbia County

Phone: 971-204-7812

Reporter based in Columbia County

"I look at what we do at the Pamplin Media Group as truly community journalism. My daily challenge is not only to keep tabs on what happens in schools and government, I want to know about that new business down the street or find out how the person who may live next to you is contributing to the community. It's a fun, but challenging career."

Wade Evanson - Sports Editor, Columbia County

Phone: 971-762-1171

Wade Evanson covers high school sports in Washington and Columbia counties and the Hillsboro Hops

"As a lifelong participant and fan of all things sport, I appreciate the work and time necessary to excel on the various fields of play. It’s that appreciation that drives me to both acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the commitment made by boys and girls athletes from the field to the court, mat to the pool, diamond to the track, and beyond."

Liz Hutchison - News Clerk and Native Content

Phone: 971-762-1164

Liz Hutchison writes native content, as well as calendars, police logs, obituaries and features for many of our special sections, from our Forest Grove office.

"The best part of my job is meeting the folks in my community. Every day is different and never dull, and I love to write about it."

Geoff Pursinger - Digital Editor

Phone: 971-368-2365

Geoff Pursinger is digital editor for the Pamplin Media Group and currator of our weekly members-only email newsletters.

"I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but while novelists spend their time dreaming up scenarios and dialogue, I've always found the stories of real people to be just as interesting and inspiring as any work of fiction. Community journalism is a distillation of everything I love about reporting; it's about telling stories about our friends, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters. It's about holding a mirror up to ourselves, celebrating our beauties and exposing our faults. It's an honor to get to tell those stories."

Dawn Britton - Media Sales Consultant

Phone: 971-204-7811

Dawn Britton is a marketing professional who works with businesses in Scappoose, St. Helens, Warren, Deer Island and Rainier.

“I have been working with small business owners for 11 years in the newspaper and digital advertising field. I enjoy working with people to develop effective advertising campaigns.”